Matcha Cupcakes

Makes 6 cupcakes Ingredients  For the cupcake mix 2 eggs (preferably free range) 125g caster sugar 125g soft butter 125g self raising flour 1 tsp matcha powder For the matcha icing  200g Icing sugar 2 tablespoons matcha 100g soft butter cubes 20ml milk Matcha Pocky,...

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Kaki Halloween Fruit Cake (Barmbrack)

I’m really excited to share my Japanese inspired Barmbrack. Barmbrack is a traditional Irish fruit cake that is the centre of Halloween here in Ireland. The name comes from the Irish words “báirín breac” which translate as “speckled bread”. The recipe is full of...

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About Fiona

In 2016 Fiona founded her own company “Fused by Fiona Uyema Ltd” to share her passion for Japanese cooking and flavours to people across Ireland and further afield including Japan and Dubai. Fiona’s Japanese food adventure began in Dublin City University where she studied Japanese and International Marketing. During her three years living in rural Japan she was completely immersed into the Japanese way of cooking and fell in love with the Japanese diet.

Now back in Ireland, “Fused by Fiona Uyema Ltd” inspires Japanese flavours through Fiona’s profile as a TV cook and cookbook author, its range of healthy and tasty flavoured soy sauces and Japanese Street Food Pop-Up Roadshow.

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