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There’s so much more to grill recipes than sausages and boring burgers. In this recipe guide, I’ve shared three new BBQ recipes that will bring your next BBQ from luke warm to sizzling hot.

From TikTok’s famous Spicy Corn Ribs, BBQ Skewers 3 Ways, and the Ultimate Umami Burger. These BBQ recipes are easy, delicious and will definitely impress family and friends all summer long – or at least while the sun is shining.

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Add a splash of Fused Soy Sauce to sauces, marinades and dressings. Better still, forego marinade recipes altogether and try one of Fused Stir Fry Sauces instead. With Fused, the possibilities for adding flavour and excitement are endless.

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3 Brilliant BBQ Recipes To Try

1. BBQ Skewers 3 Ways: Chicken, Prawn & Tofu

No BBQ is complete without a great skewer – but why limit yourself to one flavour? Nail this simple recipe and you can have prawn, chicken and tofu skewers at your next barbie. A really easy recipe that adults & kids will love.

Check the full recipe here, and watch the recipe video above.

2. The Ultimate Umami Burger

Introducing the Ultimate Umami Burger. Say goodbye to boring, bland burger recipes and get ready to wow friends and family at your next BBQ. Packed with umami-rich miso paste and soy sauce, you will never try another burger recipe again. This burger recipe is adaptable for the oven too so isn’t just a BBQ season showstopper.

Check the full recipe here, and watch the recipe video above.

3. TikTok Spicy Corn Ribs

As seen on TikTok, this Spicy Corn Ribs recipe is a BBQ showstopper. Beloved by meat eaters and veggies alike, everyone will want a side of these, especially the kids.

Check the full recipe here, and watch the recipe video above.


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