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Japan is a place close to my heart and for over a decade it has been my personal mission to make Japanese cooking easy and accessible to as many people as possible. It was with mission in mind that the idea for Fused was born.

With Fused, we’ve created a range of products that will ensure you’ll be able to rustle up a healthy and delicious meal in minutes. From soy and teryaki sauces, to katsu curry and miso paste, we’ve got all the store cupboard essentials you need to get started cooking Japanese food (and other Asian food too!).

Check out below our list of 5 easy and delicious Japanese recipes to cook at home.

Before you get started, why not check out our guide to 10 Essential Ingredients For Japanese Cooking And Where To Buy Them.

5 Easy and Delicious Japanese Recipes To Cook at Home


1. Teriyaki

Teriyaki is a delicious light and sticky Japanese sauce that can be used to make so many delicious dishes. Try my recipes for Chicken Teriyaki Fried Rice, Beef & Broccoli Teriyaki Stir Fry, One Pot Beef Mince & Aubergine Teriyaki or Onigiri with Salmon Teriyaki.

If you want to avoid the extra steps and ingredients you need to make teriyaki sauce from scratch try our Fused Teryaki Stir Sauce. It’s ideal as a marinade for BBQ, oven or pan dishes, and pairs perfectly with vegetables, beef or salmon.

2. Katsu Curry

Katsu Curry has emerged as a breakout star of the Japan’s cuisine and is believed to now be the country’s most popular dish. Sweet and mildly spiced curry sauce, crispy breaded meat (or veg), and freshly steamed rice – what’s not to like?

After years of tasting Katsu Curry dishes in restaurants and homes across Japan, I set about developing my own recipe. It took years of trial and error to get the balance of flavours just right without using refined sugar, artificial flavours, or preservatives.

If you want to recreate Katsu Curry at home, look no further than my signature Katsu Curry recipe – it was years in the making, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. However, if you don’t fancy preparing the dish from scratch the Fused Katsu Curry Meal Kit is the perfect option for you.

Read our guide to everything you need to know about making katsu curry and Fused’s Katsu Curry Meal Kit here.

3. Sushi

For the Japanese, sushi making is an art form. But that’s not to say it can’t also be a fun and accessible activity for home cooks. If you’re keen to try making sushi but don’t know where to start follow my step-by-step sushi roll recipe here.

For beginner, making sushi and sourcing all the necessary equipment and ingredients can be intimidating. Sushi kits are a brilliant way to get you rolling. Our Fused range includes two versions of sushi kit, Deluxe and Starter. Both the kits are jam packed with everything you need to make delicious sushi, including the award-winning Fused Flavoured Soy Sauce collection.

Read our guide to everything you need to know about making sushi and the Fused Sushi Kits here.

4. Onigiri

Onigiri is Japan’s version of a sandwich. These rice balls are one of Japan’s most loved convenient foods and come in different shapes, including triangular and oval.

They are mainly enjoyed as a lunch box filler and can be bought ready-made in Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets.

My three favourite onigiri recipes are Onigiri with Tuna Mayo, Onigiri with Salmon Teriyaki and Onigiri with Fish Fingers, which I use for picnics, family day trips and, of course, lunch box fillers. I found the tuna mayo onigiri in a Japanese convenience store when I was a student in Japan and couldn’t believe that they only cost about €1. I missed it so much when I returned to Ireland that I started making my own!

5. Ramen

One of the ultimate comfort foods, Ramen is a cultural icon in Japan. Put simply, ramen is a Japanese noodle soup made up of broth, seasoning, noodles, and a variety of delicious toppings.

If you want to recreate ramen at home, look no further than my easy Chicken Miso Ramen recipe. However, if you don’t fancy preparing the dish from scratch or spend time shopping around for all the ingredients good news: our Fused Ramen Meal Kit has everything you need to cheat your way to making an authentic tasting miso ramen at home.

The best thing about ramen is the flexibility to make it your own. Once you have the essential ingredients you’re free to add any additional toppings of your choice. Check what you already have in your pantry or fridge, or try garnishing with boiled eggs, spring onion, sesame seeds and dried nori sheets.

Read our guide to everything you need to know about ramen and our Fused Ramen Meal Kit here.

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