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Stuck for Healthy Lunch Recipes? Whether you’re working from home or packing a lunchbox to-go, it’s so easy to get stuck in a lunch time rut.

Even the most culinary adventurous can hit a creative stumbling block when it comes to lunch time recipes. We’ll often resort to the same quick (but boring) thing, day after day, just because it’s quick and doesn’t involve much thought.

Worse still, many of us are guilty of skipping this important meal time altogether. Filling the gap with cups of coffee and copious snacks.

No one wants to spend more than a few minutes whipping up a meal they’ll likely end up eating hunched over a laptop, and the good news is you don’t have to.

From day one, our vision for Fused By Fiona Uyema was to make healthy cooking accessible to everyone, quick and flavoursome. Our products make creating exciting meals a doodle and are made without any added nasties.

What’s more, tucking into a lunch that’s packed with flavour and nutrients is a great way to bring a little joy to your day.

From a Homemade Instant Pot Noodle, innovative salads and sandwiches and a fun Folded Sushi Wrap, check out our healthy lunch recipes for easy, delicious ideas.

6 Healthy Lunch Recipes To Beat Lunchtime Boredom

1. Homemade Instant Pot Noodle

A clever homemade take on a pot noodle (or instant noodles as they call them in the states). These quick and healthy noodles make a warming lunch or an easy weeknight supper. Treat my recipe as a guide and feel free to sub in any other delicious flavours and satisfying ingredients that you love.

Try my Homemade Instant Pot Noodle ​recipe here.

2. Folded Sushi Wrap

Jazz up your lunch break with this foolproof folded sushi wrap. Our Japanese take on the viral TikTok folded tortilla hack recipe. You can swap out tofu for almost any protein you like, try sushi grade fish, leftover cooked meat, or sliced omlette.

Try my Folded Sushi Wrap ​recipe here.

3. One-Pan Teriyaki Chicken & Veg Bake

This One-Pan Teriyaki Chicken & Veg Bake is a go-to midweek dinner for us but it makes for a grab-and-go lunch option too! Prep ahead of time and pop each portion into a container along with rice/quinoa. Sorted!

Try my One-Pan Teriyaki Chicken & Veg Bake recipe here.

4. Glorious Ginger Salad

This Glorious Ginger Asian Salad recipe is a zingy bowl of goodness. Crunchy fresh vegetables, leafy greens and noodles all married together with a dressing that has our Fused Glorious Ginger Soy Sauce at its heart.

Try my Glorious Ginger Salad recipe here.

5. Vegan Poke Bowl

Poke bowls usually include raw fish but this Vegan Poke Bowl recipe is just as delicious without. Feel free to get playful with that vegetables and fruit you add – the more colour the better!

Try my Vegan Poke Bowl recipe here.

6. Teriayaki Steak Baguette

If you love steak sandwiches or are looking to spice up lunchtime then this recipe is for you. The addition of delicious steak, Fused Teriyaki Stir Fry Sauce, and mozzarella, all sandwiched together in a crispy baguette takes the classic steak sandwich to a whole new level!

Try my Teriyaki Steak Baguette recipe here and check out my live TV demo of the recipe on Virgin Media One’s Ireland AM show below.


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