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What is Tofu? A Quick Guide to Tofu

A Note About Tofu

Cuisine: Japanese
Keyword: about, note, tofu
Author: Fiona Uyema


Tofu is a soybean product which is low in calories yet high in protein and calcium.
The quality and taste of some of the packed tofu available in the West are poor and some tofu products are made from genetically modified soybeans, so make sure to buy good quality GM-free/organic tofu to get a real sense of how great it can taste.
I tend to buy tofu products with a short best before date, usually one or two weeks. The two main types of tofu are silken and firm. Silken tofu is very soft and delicate, and firm tofu, as the name suggests, is a little firmer in texture. Both can be used in different types of cooking depending on which you prefer, but silken tends to go best in soups and salads and firm tofu works better in stir-fries.
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