10 Essential Ingredients for Japanese Cooking and Where to Buy Them

When I returned to Ireland over 10 years ago, after living in Japan for several years, it was quite difficult and expensive to get Japanese ingredients. You’ll be glad to know this isn’t the case anymore. Nowadays, these ingredients are widely available and less expensive. Stock up on the ten essential ingredients I’ve listed below and begin your Japanese home-cooking journey, cooking lots of tasty and time friendly Japanese dishes.

  1. Soy Sauce 醤油
Soy sauce is a key ingredient in any Japanese kitchen. A good quality Japanese soy sauce has a delicate taste allowing it to blend easily with other ingredients bringing out the natural umami in food. It’s a versatile ingredient to have in your kitchen for a simple stir-fry, to add to a casserole or one pot dish. The options are endless! My family’s favourite way to use soy sauce is mixed with honey to make a tasty teriyaki sauce.

When buying soy sauce be really careful and read the list of ingredients as there are many variations of soy sauce on the market which are loaded with sugar and nasty ingredients. Check out my range of flavoured soy sauces Fused range of real soy sauces which have a light flavour, use non GMO soy beans, no added sugar and are naturally fermented.