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The viewers on Virgin Media One’s Ireland AM were in for a treat recently. Fiona Uyema once again took over the studio kitchen, and this time it was her Chicken Katsu Burger Recipe that was the star of the show.

Katsu Curry is the epitome of Japanese comfort food. The dish is a favourite in restaurants all over the world. Fiona’s own Katsu Curry recipe has been years in the making. Her Chicken Katsu Burger recipe is a twist on her signature katsu curry recipe.

For the burgers, she swaps rice for brioche buns and adds crispy lettuce and sliced radish for freshness. This recipe is perfect way to get creative with the katsu curry flavours you know and love.

During the show, Fiona shared her top tips for creating delicious Chicken Katsu Burgers. One tip came from Fiona’s husband, Gilmar. Gilmar loves to double coat the chicken breast in the egg and breadcrumb mixture for extra crunch!

For the katsu curry sauce itself, you can follow Fiona’s Chicken Katsu From Scratch Recipe. To make it even easier, you can try used Katsu Curry Stir Fry Sauce, or Fused Katsu Curry Paste and mix with a little coconut milk to make a sauce.

Want to give the recipe a go? Check out the recipe here, watch the full recipe demo below as it appeared on Virgin Media One’s Ireland AM show.

If you don’t fancy preparing the dish from scratch Fused’s Katsu Curry Meal Kit is the perfect option for you. Read everything you need to know to about Fused’s Katsu Curry Meal Kit, and how to satisfy your Katsu Curry cravings from the comfort of your home here.


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