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Sausages and burgers might be the go-to ingredients for most BBQs but I love nothing more than a lamb skewer – and of course my favourite recipe has a Japanese twist.

So when I joined the Ireland AM team on Virgin Media AM ahead of a sunny Bank Holiday Weekend I had to share my Lamb Skewer recipe with a satay sauce.

Skewers are a popular dish in Japan, where they are called ‘yakitori.’ For this take on a yakitori, I pair lamb, with vegetables and a creamy satay sauce.

The secret weapon in my marinade is my Fused Glorious Ginger Soy Sauce. Mixed in with lime juice, these Japanese flavours cut through the rich lamb, while the vegetables bring a fresh contrast to the meat. You can prepare this marinade ahead of time – which will save you the time and also help to soften the meat.

On the show, I also prepared a nutty and slightly sweet satay sauce. It’s delicious served alongside the lamb skewers or drizzled all over. I often make this satay sauce separately and store in the fridge in a jar. It’s perfect as stir-fry sauce for a quick mid-week dinner.

You’ll find the full recipe post here, and you can watch the full recipe demo as it appeared on Ireland AM team on Virgin Media AM below:

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