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As Resident Cook on Virgin Media One, I once again joined the Weekend AM show in January 2019. Inspired by the New Year health kick theme of the show, I created a New Year’s ‘fakeaway’ using low-fat and high-protein ingredients, demonstrating my healthy take on a Beef & Vegetable Teriyaki Stir-Fry.

Chatting presenters Simon Delaney and Laura Woods through the recipe step by step, I shared some of my top tips on how to make a healthy and delicious stir-fry. I always start by flavouring the oil, for this recipe I added ginger to the sizzling oil. The ginger also works to break down the fibre and protein in the meat.

For the beef I chose a flank, or Bavette, steak. A lesser known cut, this is the underbelly of the cow. It’s an affordable, flavoursome cut of beef that’s high in protein. I’d always recommend chatting to your local butcher about what different types of cuts they have available and how to cook them.

As January as marks ‘Veganuary’ I was sure to mention tofu is an option to replace the beef. Just chop it up and add it straight into your stir fry – it doesn’t even need any cooking time!

For a shortcut Teriyaki sauce I simply flavoured light soy sauce with honey. You can also use my Fused Teriyaki Sauce for this dish. It adds an authentic flavour to stir fries, and you can use it for marinades too. My Fused Flavoured soy sauce range is another easy way to add flavour to your stir-fries.

If you fancy a takeaway this weekend why not try out my Beef & Vegetable Teriyaki Stir-Fry recipe instead. Watch the full recipe demo as it appeared on Virgin Media One Weekend AM below:

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