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Over the years I’ve come to enjoy doing interviews. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet a new person, share my story with a wider audience, and hopefully inspire others to try Japanese food and cooking if they haven’t already.

In 2015, after the launch of my cookbook, I was delighted to invite a journalist from The Sunday Independent, along with photographer Tony Gavin, into our home in Naas, Co Kildare. The interview was featured in the October 12th edition of the paper as well as online titled: ‘A Yen For Adventure… peek inside Japanese cookery author’s home.’

In the interview I spoke about where my love of Japan all started, my new book, and how I made the jump from the corporate world to the food industry: “Throughout the early years of their marriage, both Fiona and Gilmar worked in the corporate world, but during her maternity leave with Scott, Fiona took a step back. “I got to thinking about my life. I thought, ‘I have so much interest in Japanese food, why don’t I give it a go?’ and I started cookery classes,” she says.”

The lead image featured me standing in the kitchen that Gilmar designed together. We worked with Kube Kitchens to design it to suit our needs exactly. There’s a place for everything, including food for our dog, Jackie. We also shared a sneak peek into our master bedroom and garden.

To read the full article on click here.

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