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A big sporting occasion deserves the best game day recipes. Whether you’re watching the Irish rugby team take on Japan in the International Rugby Summer series, or getting ready for a Tokyo Olympics viewing party, we’ve got the best recipes for you.

How better to celebrate the Irish sporting legends doing us proud in Japan (or against Japan!) than with finger lickin’ Japanese food.

What’s better is that the 3 recipes we’ve chosen can all be hand held. This makes them ideal for munching while watching TV. Why not make a platter with all three recipes and invite everyone to get stuck in.

When there’s action on the pitch or in the stadium, check out the 3 winning (and easy!) recipes below.

3 Winning Game Day Recipes

1. Chicken Katsu Burger

This Chicken Katsu Burger recipe reimagines the classic dish, swapping rice for brioche buns. Get creative with the katsu curry flavours you know and love!

Check the full recipe here.

2. Steak Teriyaki Baguette

If you love steak sandwiches then this recipe is for you. The addition of delicious steak, Fused Teriyaki Stir Fry Sauce, and mozzarella, take it to a whole new level!

Check the full recipe here.

3. Folded Sushi Wrap

Our Japanese take on the viral TikTok folded tortilla hack recipe is the perfect shortcut to making sushi at home. It’s quick and easy, so you can focus on watching the match but still enjoy Japanese inspired homemade sushi. If you like, you can swap out tofu for your favourite protein!

Check the full recipe here, and watch the recipe video above.


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