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While sushi might be the poster child of Japanese cooking, Katsu Curry has emerged as a rival breakout star of the nation’s cuisine. Believed to be Japan’s most popular dish, Katsu Curry’s flourishing notoriety means its now a cult-favourite on restaurant menus right across the globe too.

Globally, fans can’t get enough of the combination of a sweet and mildly spiced curry sauce, crispy breaded meat (or veg), and freshly steamed rice – essential for soaking up every last drop of that delectable sauce. Katsu Curry is the epitome of Japanese comfort food, but can be exciting too.

‘Katsu’ literally means ‘fried cutlet’ and traditionally pork and chicken fulfil this hero role. Nowadays, however, chefs and home cooks alike often reimagine the dish in new creative ways. Everything from broccoli and burgers to scotch eggs and sushi have been katsu-curried. It seems there’s little that can’t be improved by the unique Katsu Curry flavour and texture.

If you want to recreate Katsu Curry at home, look no further than my signature Katsu Curry recipe – it was years in the making, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. However, if you don’t fancy preparing the dish from scratch Fused’s Katsu Curry Meal Kit is the perfect option for you.

Read on for everything you need to know to about my Katsu Curry recipe, Fused’s Katsu Curry Meal Kit, and how to satisfy your Katsu Curry cravings from the comfort of your home.

What’s Different About My Katsu Curry Recipe:

After years of tasting Katsu Curry dishes in restaurants and homes across Japan, I set about developing my own recipe. It took years of trial and error to get the balance of flavours just right without using refined sugar, artificial flavours, or preservatives. The result was my signature recipe: a perfect balance of curry spice and sweetness. My family couldn’t get enough of it at home, and it was one of the most popular recipes from my cookbook ‘Japanese Food Made Easy.’

When I launched the Fused brand it was a no-brainer that my unique recipe would inspire a new product: Fused Katsu Curry Stir Fry Sauce. Developed with no added sugar or preservatives, the sauce is a customer favourite and an easy way to create curries, stir-fries, and marinades with that delicious Katsu Curry flavour at home.

Why Buy A Fused Katsu Curry Meal Kit:

Fused’s Katsu Curry Meal Kit makes whipping up a Friday night fakeaway or midweek treat a cinch. Once you have your kit and a couple other fresh and store cupboard ingredients, you’ll have everything you need to get an authentic tasting Katsu Curry dish on the table in 30 minutes. What’s more you’ll save time and money shopping around for all the individual ingredients needed.

The meal kit also makes for a great gift for foodie family or friends, a fun kitchen activity for kids, and even provides inspiration for a virtual cook-along with friends – with a prize for the best presentation!

What’s Included In Fused Katsu Curry Meal Kit:

In every Fused Katsu Curry Meal Kit you’ll find: 5 x Fused Katsu Curry Sauces, 1kg of Japanese rice and 1kg panko breadcrumbs.

What Else Do I Need To Make Katsu Curry:

Once you have your Fused Curry Meal Kit the only other ingredients you’ll need are a protein of your choice, for the ‘katsu’ part of the dish, eggs and flour – the latter two you’ll need to make the panko breadcrumb coating stick.

When it comes to choosing a protein, you’ll probably be most familiar with Chicken Katsu Curry but you can easily sub out chicken for almost any other protein or veg. This means you can make an array of dishes using the same technique in my recipe and essential ingredients in the Fused Curry Meal Kit.

The recipe works just as well using fish (I love hake or cod), seafood, tofu and many vegetables. Recently I created an Aubergine Katsu Curry recipe that’s perfect for veggies, will be sharing it on the site soon so keep an eye out.

Rice is traditionally served on the side of Katsu Curry, and Japanese rice is included in our meal kit. Katsu is so beloved that you’ll sometimes find katsu chicken, pork and tofu in as a filling in sushi rolls or onigirazu too.

The internet is also abound with fun takes on the original recipe that forgo the rice completely. Think Katsu Curry burgers, sandwiches, noodles and bao buns. Try my Chicken Katsu Udon Noodles recipe or Pork Katsu Sando recipe.

How Do I Make Katsu Curry:

To make your Katsu Curry follow my step by step recipe instructions here. Check out the video below that shows just how easy it is!

Katsu Curry is usually served with a side of Japanese white rice. Follow my Japanese Rice recipe here. Freshly steamed rice is our favourite, but you can even cook the rice ahead of time to make the whole process even easier.


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