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At Fused we love sushi in all its forms, but one of Fiona’s latest recipes might just be our favourite yet. Introducing the a Folded Vegan Sushi Wrap.

The recipe went down a storm with our followers on Instagram. What’s more, it even caught the attention of one of the UK’s most popular online news sites,

In the article, Metro journalist Edaein O’Connell said Fiona’s “fast and simple recipes” caught her attention, but it was the Folded Vegan Sushi Wrap that got a spot in the limelight on the popular online site.

Edaein wrote: “inspired by the viral folded tortilla hack from TikTok, Fiona has swapped the tortilla for sushi and made it vegan-friendly. It’s a tasty yet convenient feast, and we can’t wait to try it. The folded wrap recipe serves four and can be used as a lunch or dinner option.”

You can read the full article here.

Want to give our Folded Vegan Sushi Wrap Recipe recipe a go? Bookmark the recipe linked here, watch the recipe video below and give it a go!

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