Asian Kit GiftBox – The Gift of Good Food BESTSELLER!

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This bundle is carefully packed in a beautiful red gift box with the text “The Gift of Good Food”. This is the perfect gift to yourself or a friend.

This Asian Kit Bundle will get you started on your journey to cooking healthy and delicious Asian meals at home in minutes. Fuss free and guilt free! There is a flavour for everyone at home.

Bursting with 25 of Fused award winning products and the exciting flavours of the Far East, this box is guaranteed to take the stress out of meal times.

Each product is made with 100% natural ingredients and ZERO refined sugar, no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Asian Kit Bundle includes:

– Fused Red Tote Bag – The Gift of Good Food (text)

– New! Fused Spice Bag Seasoning Mix

–  16 of Fused Award winning stir fry sauces (a mix of all 8 flavours)

– Fused Katsu Curry Ketchup

– Fused Sweet Chilli in a bottle

– Fused Korean Style BBQ Sauce

– Fused Japanese Style Hot Sauce

– Fused Panko Breadcrumbs

– Fused Curry Paste

– Fused Soy Sauce

– Fused Organic Coconut Milk


– Soy beans, Wheat

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