Fused Deluxe Christmas Gift Box


Introducing the 2022 Fused Deluxe Christmas Gift Box. Bursting with 14 of Fused’s best-selling products and the exciting flavours of the Far East, this gift box is guaranteed to spark joy in the food lover in your life.

From stir-fry sauces and organic coconut milk to curry pastes and hot sauce, each product is made with 100% natural ingredients and no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Fused Christmas Gift Box includes:

– Fused Panko Breadcrumbs
– Fused Japanese Style Hot Sauce
– Fused Katsu Curry Ketchup
– Fused Chopped Garlic
– Fused Chinese Curry Paste*
– Fused Organic Coconut Milk
– Fused Glorious Ginger Soy Sauce
– Fused Katsu Curry Stir Fry Sauce
– Fused Black Bean Stir Fry Sauce
– Fused Chow Mein Stir Fry Sauce
– Fused Chinese Curry Stir Fry Sauce
– Fused Sweet Chilli Stir Fry Sauce
– Fused Teriyaki Stir Fry Sauce
– Fused Thai Green Stir Fry Sauce


– Soy beans, Wheat, Sulphites

*Fused Chinese Curry Paste may be substituted with Fused Katsu Curry Paste.

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